Find Financial Freedom

Access the power of your money by taking control of your periodic payments. Our knowledgeable Funding Specialists will help you make sense of your payments and give you access to the cash you deserve.

Your financial freedom is our first priority.

Most annuitants are paid their money over a specific period of time. Most lottery and prize wins are paid out over 20 to 26 years, and structured settlement payments vary greatly. Similarly, these payments won’t last forever and with inflation, money today is worth more than money to be paid in the future. Many people also find that they have current needs that their periodic, after-tax payments do not give them the freedom to fulfill. Receiving an up-front single payment today for future payments allows annuitants the flexibility to:

  • Purchase a new home or car
  • Pay off debts
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Pay for a child’s education
  • Make investments so your money can grow

Find your financial freedom today. Call 1-800-778-9476 for Structured Settlement cash solutions or 1-800-780-2961 for Lottery cash access.

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