Lottery & Prize Winners

At Freedom First, lottery and prize winners can create a funding program customized to meet individual needs. Whether you want all of your money up front, or prefer to access some cash now and continue receiving periodic payments, the Funding Specialists at Freedom First can help you find a solution.

When you partner with Freedom First, your options include:

  • Cash now, plus future payments
    Get a single, up-front payment for 25% each of your total future payments. This option provides cash now for immediate needs, plus periodic payments to meet future goals.
  • Cash from select payments
    Receive a lump sum for the next 7 lottery payments and continue receiving your remaining periodic payments. Designed for winners who need cash now but wish to keep some future payments.
  • Cash from remaining payments
    If you already received 6 payments from a 20-year annuity, get a single additional payment for the remaining 14 years.

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Free Up Cash Fast

Do you need cash but can’t wait for your next lottery or prize payment to arrive? The Freedom Firstsm FastCash Loan®, can help you get the cash you need fast.

Get peace of mind with:

  • FREEDOM from high interest rates
  • FREEDOM from monthly payments
  • FREEDOM from the pressure to sell your payments
  • FREEDOM from credit or employment requirements

Call 1-800-778-9476 today to learn how you can get cash now with the Freedom Firstsm FastCash Loan®. It’s never been easier to get cash in your hands.

  • How fast can I get my payment?
    Usually within four to eight weeks. The entire payment will be wired to your bank account. If you are in need of immediate cash, typically we can arrange to have a portion of your total payment paid to you immediately, usually within 24 hours.
  • In what states can you complete the transaction?
    Lottery & prize winnings can only be sold in select states. To see if your specific lottery or prize winning qualifies, contact a Funding Specialist at 1-800-778-9476.
  • Do you charge any closing fees or other costs?
    No. There are no hidden transaction costs. The only fee a lottery or prize winner ever incurs is the fee paid to their personal attorney or accountant to review the transaction, if desired.
  • Are there credit or job requirements?
    As a lottery or prize winner receiving annual payments, good credit or employment is not required to qualify for Freedom First’s programs. Explore your options! Call 1-800-778-9476 today.
  • Do I have to sell all my payments?
    No. When you partner with Freedom First you have the freedom to choose however many payments you want to sell. We will work closely with you to develop a program to get your desired amount of cash fast. We also offer cash access without the sale of payments. Contact a Funding Specialist today to learn more!

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